This is our course to get you acquainted with the bible and begin or continue a lifetime of discovery about God and his wonderful story through his life changing word.  You can use this course for your own personal discovery or by purposefully going through it with your prayer partner or mentor.  Upon completion of the course you can earn your Discovery Certificate.
Start with the orienting information below and then dive into discovery!
Orienting Information
Here's what you will need:
The lessons are put in a group that can be completed in a week.  Each group has five lessons which include bible reading(s) and often a link to an outside resource designed to help bring a clearer understanding of the day's lesson.  The lesson groups are designed to build on each other, so start with the first one and work your way to the end.
A key element in your spiritual growth is "Connect Time".  What is that?
  • Read (and Watch): Read the passages, materials and watch videos for that day
  • Reflect: How does this impact me?  What am I learning? What feelings are stirred?
  • React: Do I need to start or stop something? Do I need to treasure it?  Do I need to repent?
  • wRite: Enter your reflections and reactions and any other feelings from your time with God.
  • pRayer: Spend time praying about today's lesson and whatever is needed.
If you are pursuing your Discovery Certificate you will need to complete each lesson, including your journal entry.  Go through the Group Review section with your prayer partner or mentor after each one is completed.  Your partner will sign off on it upon your completion of the program.
Group 1
Lesson 2
Read Job 23:12
  • Job speaks of treasuring God's words.
  • When we put all of God's words together, we get the story of the Bible.
  • Let's look at this video to help us get an idea of what that story is.
How does understanding the story of the Bible help you?
In your Connect Time, reflect on Job's words and the Story of the Bible.
Memory Verse: Luke 1:38
Lesson 1
Read 2 Timothy 3:16-17
  • What do you learn about the Bible from this passage?
  • The Bible is useful for many things, according to this passage, can you name them?
  • Let's take a look at this video and learn from it.
What did you learn about the Bible?
In your Connect Time, reflect on today's passage and what you learned in the video
Lesson 3
Read Luke 1:1-4
  • What strikes you as you read this passage?
  • It is Luke's explanation for writing his letter
  • One key to understanding a book in the Bible is understanding some of the background details.  There are a variety of books that can help with that. here we will see a short video that gives us some of those background details.
What have you learned about the background to the gospel written by Luke
In your Connect Time, reflect on Luke's reasons for writing his gospel.
Lesson 4
Read Luke 1:5-25
  • What was John's mission going to be?
  • What did you learn about prayer from this passage?
In your Connect Time, reflect on John's mission and prayer life.
Lesson 5
Read Luke 1:26-38
  • What did you learn about the child being born to Mary?
  • Why was Zechariah's speech taken away (Luke 1:18-20), but not Mary's?
In your Connect Time, reflect on Mary’s special child and the responses of both
Zechariah and Mary.​
Group 1 Review
Have you done all the Lessons in Group 1, if not make sure to go and do the ones you missed
What have you learned about the Bible?
What have you learned about how to study the Bible?
How is God working and interacting with the people in Luke's gospel so far?
How have your Connection Times helped you?
Recite your memory verse - Luke 1:38
What is one of your greatest spiritual challenges right now?
Group 2
Memory Verse: Luke 2:10
Lesson 1
Let's begin by watching a video to help us understand the background here in Luke

background here in Luke

Read Luke 1:39-45

  • From today's reading, and our previous readings, we can see that the Holy Spirit:

    • fills (Luke 1:15)

    • acts (Luke 1:35)

    • and moves us (Luke 1:41-45)

  • This is why it is so important to rely on the Holy Spirit through prayer and Bible study.

  • How have you seen the Holy Spirit work in your new life as a Christian already?

  • Re-read verse 45.

    • Why is it so hard to believe that God’s promises to us will be accomplished?

    • Why is it so important to believe God’s promises to us?

In your Connect Time, reflect on verse 45 and see if you can name some of the promises that God makes to you, now that you are in Christ. Now believe them.

Lesson 2
Read Luke 1:46-56
  • Mary's heart is soaring over the prospect of her son.
  • In many Bibles verses 46-55 are indented and italicized in order to help the reader note that this is a poem set to a tune (that has been lost to history). 
  • Let's watch a short video about this style of writing in the Bible.
Can you identify the couplets in this poem from Mary?
In your Connect Time, reflect on Mary's song and what feelings it brings up in you.
Lesson 3
Read Luke 1:57-80
  • This is a longer passage containing poetry as well as narrative (another literary style).
  • We have been following clues about the Holy Spirit and we see another one here as the Holy Spirit fills Zechariah.
In your Connect Time, reflect on Zechariah's prophecy and what he says about God, John & Jesus.
Lesson 4
Read Luke 2:1-20
  • This is one of the accounts of the Christmas story that is familiar to many of us.
  • Is there anything you notice in carefully reading this passage that maybe you didn't know before about Jesus birth?
In your Connect Time, reflect on what it would have been like to be one of these shepherds and marvel at God.
Lesson 5
Read Luke 2:21-40
  • What three clues do you find about the Holy Spirit in this passage?
  • This passage also has many references to things more fully explained in the Old Testament.  This helps to highlight the need for researching terms we may not fully understand.
  • Got Questions is one of many useful resources. Type "Old Testament" in their search bar and see what you get... you might want to bookmark this site for future use.
In your Connect Time, try to summarize today's passage in a sentence or two.  There is a lot going on, so just give it your best shot.
Group 2 Review
Have you done all the Lessons in Group 2?  If not, make sure to go back and do the ones you missed.
What did you learn about poetry in the Bible?
Was the resource useful?
How would you summarize the work of the Holy Spirit?
How have your Connection Times helped you?
Recite your memory verse - Luke 2:10
What is one of your greatest spiritual victories since becoming a disciple of Jesus?

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